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Benefits Summary

Paid Time Away From Work
Bereavement Leave Up to 2 days paid leave to attend the funeral
of an immediate family member.
Jury Duty Leave  Up to 2 days of Jury Duty obligation will be reimbursed  to  the  employee  who makes arrangements prior to the beginning of the leave.
Paid Holidays 7 Paid Holidays each year include New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving  Day and Christmas Day.
Paid Vacation Up to 4 weeks provided to employees annually, depending on length of service and on a quarterly basis.
Time off to Vote  Up to 2 hours of time may be available for employees who wish to vote in National, State or local elections should their hours of work conflict with the hours of their polling place.
Unpaid Time Away From Work
Military Leave  Employees scheduled for Military service will retain all seniority, benefits and return to work privileges.
Personal Leave Personal Leaves of absence may be granted to employees at the discretion of the company.  Production needs, seniority and the employee’s past work behavior are the determining factors when considering approval for a personal leave of absence.
Insurance Options
Health Insurance Health insurance coverage is provided to all full time employees and their families.  Currently, Hommer Tool and the employee share in the cost of insurance.
Dental Insurance Employees who wish to purchase dental coverage may do so through the company.
Life Insurance The company provides life insurance for each full time employee. 
Short Term Disability  Full time employees who are disabled due to a non-work related illness, injury or accident may receive short term disability benefits.  The company pays in full for this coverage and the coverage amount is equal to a portion of the employee’s weekly wages.
Long Term Disability If an employee is unable to return to work at the end of the short-term disability period, he/she may continue to receive benefits until retirement age through the company sponsored long-term disability insurance program.  The company pays the cost in full.
Worker’s Compensation All employees are insured against loss of wages due to a work-related injury or illness.  The company pays the cost for this coverage.
Unemployment Compensation Employees who lose their position with the company may be eligible for unemployment compensation.  At the time of separation, employees may learn more about this option.
Retirement Savings
Social Security Insurance All employees are required by law to contribute to the federal social security insurance fund.  Likewise, the company contributes on your behalf thus paying ½ of the total social security benefit.
401 (K) Retirement Savings Plan Employees are encouraged to save for their retirement through the company sponsored 401(k) savings plan.  It is offered to employees after one (1) year of employment.  Employee contributions are 100% vested immediately.  The company may match a portion of your contribution each year.  Company contributions are vested in steps and vesting is complete after 7 years.
Other Savings Options
Direct Deposit  Employees may choose to have a portion of their earnings deposited directly to their savings or checking account.  Doing so may offer the employee an easy method of saving for special needs.
Education Assistance
Tuition Reimbursement 

HTM invests in educational assistance to employees with the expectation that the investment will be returned through enhanced job performance.

HTM has the sole discretion to determine whether a course relates to an employee’s current job duties or a foreseeable future position.  Employees should contact the Human Resources Department and the Director of Operations for more information regarding Educational Assistance.